Afrodisiaque offers the convenience of Online Shopping 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Convieniently order online and we will ship straight to your door.

The Afrodisiaque hair Product Range will give you the treatment and results you deserve. For best results, use three times per week and as directed on the bottles.


If you have fine hair, our product will make your hair go flat because of the moisturising agents. It might be too rich for you. The product is still feeding your hair, so instead of using it every day, or in the morning, use it on a weekend or in the evening as a treatment. Hair breakage will stop as well if you continue using it.

Results are dependent on your hair type, and what you have used on your hair previously. All build up from other products are removed first, before it starts to feed your hair. If you hair is badly damaged, it still has to remove any residue before it can start working.

Yes, grey hair is automatically dry and brittle due to its cell structure, so our products will feed it, helping to keep the moisture levels up.

Unfortunately you can't, once your hair has started going grey, there is no stopping it. You can still use our products to keep it strong and moisturised. You will unfortunately have you use colour if you do not want it to stay grey.

It will foam on some types of hair, others not. It depends on products previously used in terms of what build up you have - as it will remove it first, before it feeds it. Remember, the shampoo contains 5 cleansing agents which are all working to clean your hair. It also depends on if your hair is fine as well. Fine hair doesn't respond like thick or curly hair does.


By nature, Ethnic hair is very fragile & dry compared to other hair types and achieving optimal moisture & hair growth has always been a challenge until Afrodisiaque.

At Afrodisiaque, we believe that natural ingredients are far superior than man-made alternatives. We use plant organic based, sustainable ingredients of the highest quality production of our products. Our products do not contain any harsh chemicals, sulphates, paraben or petroleum and are animal cruelty-FREE.

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