Penetrating Spray

Brand: Holts
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HOLTS PENETRATING SPRAY is a lightweight lubricant, which forms a greaseless lubricating, film on the surface to which it is applied.  It penetrates and produces a short-term corrosion resisting coating.

Its water-displacing characteristics dry out electrical or electronic contact and equipment and seals out moisture.

Dries out ignitions, coils, alternators, generators, magnetos, and all electrical systems, switches and relays in seconds.  Lubricates and protects all marine hardware and chrome, shackles, fittings, snaps, blocks, tackle, pulleys, steering and control cables, locks and hinges.

Loosens frozen parts fast. – nuts, bolts, clamps etc.  Stops rust, corrosion and pitting on chrome.  Lubricates even the most delicate mechanisms. It dries fast, so it does not attract dust or dirt.

Penetrates to carry lubricant-rust inhibitor deeper into hard to reach areas.

Contains no chlorinated solvents or silicones.  Completely free of any chemicals that are harmful to vinyl’s, leather and fabrics, and can therefore safely be used on hinges, latches, window cranks, seat slides etc.  Will not stain, even fabric, when used on curtain rails.


-    Door Hinges
-    Curtain rails and runners
-    Electrical connections i.e. light fittings
-    Sewing Machines
-    Electrical Gates and motorised garage doors



-    Door locks and hinges
-    Loosens hard to get to brake dust from rims and mag wheels
-    Spray on spark plug wires, distributor coils etc to disperse water


Prior to cleaning engine

-    Electric sunroof sliding mechanism
-    Tent zippers



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