Colour Match Polish

Brand: Holts
Product Code: HCM
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When COLOR MATCH was launched its special properties revolutionised car waxing.  Not only does it shine and protect paintwork, it helps mask minor scratches and swirl marks and gives your car all-round protection.

COLOR MATCH has also specially formulated dyes and pigments to blend with your car’s original colour.

The colour on new cars is enhanced and older finishes are restores to their former richness and brilliance - and because the polish is coloured there’s no unsightly white residue.

The COLOR MATCH range of colours covers 99 per cent of cars on the road.  New or old, light or dark, metallic or solid  - it makes no difference: COLOR MATCH blends to leave a lustrous finish, and a long-lasting protection.

It isn’t solvent based and contains extra durable urethane and stable colorants.

White or light-coloured cars are more susceptible to dirt but have the advantage of reflecting the sun’s UV light and therefore fading less quickly.  Darker cars suffer the reverse effect.

Metallic paintwork is less affected by UV rays but required specialised cleaning to preserve its high-gloss finish.

This range is suitable for all paint finishes (including metallic) and contains an UV filter for extended protection against fading and bleaching.


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