Interior Dazzle 150ml

Brand: Holts
Product Code: UDAZ1
In Stock

Dazzle Interior Spray will clean and beautify your car inside and out.  Dazzle Interior Spray cleans protects and enriches plastic, rubber, vinyl, leather, aluminium and wood.

Dazzle is a silicone based product with a pleasant Lavender fragrance and it also contains a mild detergent and drying agent.  It incorporates an anti-static compound that prevents excess dust adhering to the surface that Dazzle is applied to.  The UV protection helps to prevent damage caused by the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays.

In addition Dazzle will also water proof electrical equipment, keep ignition systems working in wet conditions, protect fishing and sports equipment, lubricate hinges, locks, windows, door, sliding doors and drawers.

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