High Gloss Wax

Brand: Holts
Product Code: HHS1
In Stock

Holts High Gloss Wax restores and gives a brilliant long-lasting shine and protection from salt, tree sap, acid rain and sunlight to paintwork on cars, boats, motorcycles appliances etc. 

This improved formulation is ideal for use on all paint finishes including metallic and clear coat.

All road grime and insects (bugs) are easier to remove after polishing with Holts High Gloss Wax.

Holts High Gloss Wax is easy to use, apply to a panel at a time after the car has been washed, wait for the wax to dry to a haze, and wipe off with a clean dry cloth.

The attractive high impact packaging seals tightly to ensure maximum product life.

Holts High Gloss Wax is available from all leading automotive outlets country wide.

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