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  • Motorcycle Shampoo
    Motorcycle Shampoo 250ml 6 per box Contains powerful, mild detergents to wash away grime, insects and other corrosive deposits whilst its special wax formula leaves a deep gloss shine. ..
  • Motorcycle Wax Polish
    Motorcycle Wax Polish 250ml 6 per pack Uses active silicone technology to smoothly cover the paintwork and produce a brilliant high gloss shine. Its special polymer sealants lock in the shine and provide a protective barrier against damaging pollutants. ..
  • Motorcycle Wheel Clearner
    Motorcycle Wheel Clearner 375ml 6 per pack Quick, powerful foaming action removes road grime , grease and damaging brake dust. It is suitable for most wheel types, try on inconspicuous area before use. ..
  • Penetrating Spray
    HOLTS PENETRATING SPRAY HOLTS PENETRATING SPRAY is a lightweight lubricant, which forms a greaseless lubricating, film on the surface to which it is applied.  It penetrates and produces a short-term corrosion resisting coating. Its water-displacing characteristics dry out electrical or electronic contact and equipment and seals out moisture. Dries out ignitions, coils, alternators, generators, magnetos, and all electrical systems, switches and relays in seconds.  Lubricates and protects all marine hardware and chrome, shackles, fittings, snaps, blocks, tackle..
  • Petrol Treatment 100ml
    Petrol Treatment 100ml 100ml 12 per pack Upper cylinder lubricant. Improves engine performance and economy. ..
  • Petrol Treatment 250ml
    Harmful deposits build up on the carburettor and in the fuel system which can reduce the vehicle’s performance. Features Clean carburettors and fuel system. Reduce exhaust emissions. Restore performance. Increase fuel economy. 250ml bottle (2 treatments) x 6 Code: XP2 Barcode:5010218341227 ITF Code: 35010218341228 ..
  • Piston Seal
    Features For engines with worn cylinders and piston rings. Restores lost engine power and reduces excessive oil consumption.   Boxed tube 100ml x 6 Code: PS4R Barcode: 5010218212060 ITF Code: 0501021833437 ..
  • Power Booster
    UPB2            500ml          6 units per case Boosts power in engines that have passed their best.  It will reduce oil burning, restore compression, quieten the engine and ensure that it runs more efficiently.  This product could be used in engines where high temperatures and performance demand a more constant viscosity. ..
  • Quick Wash & Wax
    - adds protective wax as you wash - deep cleaning, lifts road grime & corrosive deposits - biodegradable - salt free ..
  • Radcool
    - all year radiator protection - helps prevent overheating - maintains cooling system - keeps flow channels clean & unrestricted ..
  • Radiator Contitioner 5 in 1 1litre
    Radiator Conditioner 5 in 1 (4 in 1 Formula is the 5 in 1 minus the leak control additive) URC1           1lt               6 units per case URC2           500ml          6 units per case URC5           5lt               4 units per case ..
  • Radiator Contitioner 5 in 1 500ml
    Radiator Conditioner 5 in 1 (4 in 1 Formula is the 5 in 1 minus the leak control additive) URC2           500ml          6 units per case Radiator Conditioner is a 5-in-1 product:- Summer coolant, Winter anti-freeze, Conditioner, Corrosion inhibitor, Scale retarder and Leak control.   Contains 80% MEG.  500ml Product will treat 6lt – 8lt of water   ..