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  • Anti-mist Cloth
    Features A long-lasting impregnated cloth. Can be used in conjunction with Anti-Mist spray. Keeps windows free of mist. Clears the screen fast and keeps it clear. Cloth 1 x 12 Code: AC1 Barcode: 5010218213555 ..
  • Anti-mist Spray
    Features Anti-condensation forming product for use in the colder seasons. Handy to use spray. Suitable for all glass and mirror surfaces. Can be used in conjunction with cloth. Spray 200ml x 6 Code: AM8 ..
  • Bumper Black
    - revives dull & faded bumpers - protects against UV rays - covers scuff marks & light scratches - suitable for use on bumpers, tyres & other black trim ..
  • Classic Polish
    Classic Polish 375 ml 6 per pack This unique combination of the finest waxes and polymers chemically bond to form a brilliant and long lasting barrier of protection to your car’s paintwork. ..
  • Colour Match Polish
    PROTECT WHILE YOU POLISH When COLOR MATCH was launched its special properties revolutionised car waxing.  Not only does it shine and protect paintwork, it helps mask minor scratches and swirl marks and gives your car all-round protection. COLOR MATCH has also specially formulated dyes and pigments to blend with your car’s original colour. The colour on new cars is enhanced and older finishes are restores to their former richness and brilliance - and because the polish is coloured there’s no unsightly white residue. The COLOR MATCH range of colours covers 99 ..
  • Colour Restorer
    - removes oxidised (rough) layer on paintwork - leaves it ready for polishing - not suitable for metallic finishes ..
  • Foaming Leather Cleaner
    The effect that cleaning materials have on leather depends on the dying/colouring process, what cleaning materials were used in the past, which tannery handled the leather etc. The colouring process of leather was changed in approximately 1984, and most leathers are treated in this manner these days.  A Polyurethane coating is now applied to leather (does not really penetrate the leather, it rather coats the surface).  This coating prevents any product from penetrating the leather and conditioning it.  For the same reason, dirt does not really penetrate the leather either..
  • High Gloss Wax
    Holts High Gloss Wax restores and gives a brilliant long-lasting shine and protection from salt, tree sap, acid rain and sunlight to paintwork on cars, boats, motorcycles appliances etc.  This improved formulation is ideal for use on all paint finishes including metallic and clear coat. All road grime and insects (bugs) are easier to remove after polishing with Holts High Gloss Wax. Holts High Gloss Wax is easy to use, apply to a panel at a time after the car has been washed, wait for the wax to dry to a haze, and wipe off with a clean dry cloth. The attractive hi..
  • Metalic Wax
    - especially developed for metallic paint finishes which need a less abrasive polish. - provides protection ..
  • Quick Wash & Wax
    - adds protective wax as you wash - deep cleaning, lifts road grime & corrosive deposits - biodegradable - salt free ..
  • Shake & Shine Sachet
    Shake & Shine Sachet 50ml 100 per pack Has powerful grime ingredients that removes dirt from painwork. ..
  • Shampoo & Shine 1Litre
    Shampoo & Shine 1Litre 1 ltr = 6 per pack Rapidly lifts ingrained traffic film and gives your car a brilliant protective shine as you wash. Its unique formula, a combination of detergents, mild cleaners and gloss producing surfactants, is safe for all paint finishes, will not strip wax and is bio-degradable. ..