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Company Profile Highest quality... value for money

Over the past 80 years, Holts has built up an enviable reputation as a supplier of quality car care products, which are constantly updated to meet consumer's changing needs.

The Holt family founded the company in the United Kingdom in 1926 and in time, it became part of Holt Lloyd. After numerous buyouts, Holts are now part of the Honeywell group.

The brand Holt came about by accident when the company owners decided to make its car maintenance products available to the motoring public. As engineers, they believed that Holts products should be the highest quality while offering value for money. They took pride in the response to market needs, constantly developing new products in the line with the ongoing changes in motoring itself. They felt that if these criteria were met, the products would sell themselves.

They were right. The motoring trade has always supported the Holts brand.

Eventually, forecourt sales were introduced and the brand started appearing on the shelves of supermarkets and high street trailers. However, a major proportion of sales remained with automotive wholesalers.

The brand has build a reputation, which owes little to advertising and everything to quality.

The Redex brand originated in Britain. It has a solid reputation of quality and innovation. As a brand, Redex goes back a long way. It even played a role in both World Wars - particularly World War II when its fuel additive for fighter aircraft contributed to the "Allies" air supremacy.

Today, Redex's core business remains fuel and oil additives for the general consumer market. These include Engine Flush, Carb Cleaner, Petrol Treatment, Diesel Treatment, Oil Treatment etc.

Redex has always prided itself on developing new products, which reflect the on-going innovations made to the internal combustion engine.

Redex's innovative attitude has made the brand extremely powerful among both general motoring consumers and the trade internationally.

Holts South Africa enjoys research and development support from its greater international family ranging from the USA, Europe and the East.

Holts South Africa recently acquired the well known ULTIMOIL brand which was supplied in the main to the service centers i.e. garages and workshops.

This acquisition should have a two fold benefit , the Holts and Redex brands will be more readily available in the "Ultimoil markets" and the Ultimoil brand will be more accessible to the consumer.

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